A400 Decoder,  layouts & info

Radio layouts have become as much a part of decoding as the equipment used to do it.
Without the humble layout how would you know know where to place the probe or solder the wires to?

Most sets are very straightforward to decode but there are some that need to have something else done to them before they will decode. It is for this reason that we have taken pictures of these radios in order to better show you what you need to do to get the code out of them.

For more help or advice please visit our forum: http://www.a400.co.uk/forums

Below are just some of the individual models we support. We have PDF downloads with pictures & explanations, please email for details: alex@icsystems.co.uk

Alpine: CDM7982top CDM7982underside CDM7983top CDM7983underside
Becker: be4113
Blaupunkt: CAR200 CAR300d CD300 CDC2 CDP09 CDP09text MILANOtop*** MILANObottom*** MontrealCR40 MontreauxRDR49 PH1D
Bose: CM839R0 HondaCM839RA
Chrysler:  P04858543AC-A P04859504AD-A P04858513AK-A
Clarion: 9700ie FL900 PN9940 PU9357 PU9358 PU9386 PU9534 PU9536 PU9549A PU9637A PU9664A PU9667A PU9971A PU9203A
Vauxhall: Delco CDR500 Delco CDR2005 CAR400MK3
Ford: 003 004-006-008 5k 2008
Grundig: SOUND4000 SOUND4000A 5201 SOUND8000 5300 5600 SCD5290 BETA5 BETA5mk11
Immobilizer: FiatCodeStore IAW8F.5Talt MMG6140D01 MMIAW8P.20 Punto1.1 Punto1.2
Kenwood: KRC857RL KDC7090R KDC7050 KDC9050R KDC-5080 KDC7024 KDC7027 KDC-M819 KDC-PSW9524 KDC-8024 KDC-PSW9527 KVT-M700 Z920DVD KRC-594 KDC-W6527 KDC-W7531 KDC-W7031 KDC-W6031 KDC-W6534
Panasonic: CQ-EA1070L CQ-LA1820L CQ-LA1821L CQ-LA1620L CQ-LA1621L CQ-JA1923L CQLM0920a CQ-MX0470LC
Phillips: 22DC258/ 22DC257/62 RDW100-10Ren 22DC259/62 RC200 RC220 RC465/65 22DC278/62
Pioneer: DEH-M6017ZH DEH-M6106ZH DEH-M6356ZH KE-92ZBM KEH-M1066 DEH-M6117ZH DEH-M7127ZH DEH-M7317ZH
Sony: CDX-M8SERIES CDX-M1000 CDX-M8800
Volvo: SC800 SC801 SC802 SC805
Mitsubishi: DY3E44S-SL
Vin Radios: PU-2471A PU-2473A PU-2381A PSARCC101
Kenwood2: DPX-8070 KDC-W808 KDC-W707 DPX-701U KDC-W6534 KDC-W7037 KDC-4037

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